'This won't be credible': Chris Coons says FBI interviewing only four Kavanaugh witnesses 'is not enough'
Sen. Chris Coons

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), who helped orchestrate an FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, said on Monday that current limits on the probe are not acceptable.

In an interview on SiriusXM, host Michael Smerconish asked Coons about the news that Senate Republicans and the White House had hamstrung the FBI by limiting the witnesses and subjects that it could investigate.

"A number of press reports out yesterday suggest at least the initial investigation is limited to witness interviews of just four individuals," Coons explained. "I was reassured yesterday that it will not be limited just to four individuals, but that the FBI will follow up whatever leads or additional information is developed in those four interviews."

Coons added, "But I continue to be concerned that without active engagement from Republicans and Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee to say, 'This investigation needs to follow all reasonable leads from the hearings we had on Thursday and additional information that's come in to the committee.'"

The Delaware Democrat, however, made it clear that four witnesses "is not enough." For example, Coons argued that the FBI should interview the people listed on Kavanaugh's high school calendar.

"This initial list of four, although they are relevant and should be questioned and it's a good starting place, if that's all they do, that's unacceptable," Coons insisted. "I was reassured today that the committee will promptly receive the notes of the interviews that are being conducted and that there will be further conversations with Senate leadership about changing, growing or adding to the scope."

"If it isn't expanded beyond those four, this won't be credible," the senator said.

Listen to the audio of Coon's interview at SiriusXM.