'You're a sham!' MSNBC panel spirals into chaos after Trump defender insists the president isn't a liar

An MSNBC panel discussing Trump's inability to be truthful went careening off the rails on Thursday as former congresswoman Nan Hayworth, a vocal supporter of the president, made a variety of claims that were smacked down repeatedly by host Stephanie Ruhle and fellow panelists.

After Hayworth delivered a lengthy soliloquoy which included claims that Trump had kept his economic promises; that Republican Michael Bloomberg had re-registered as a Democrat solely because he's in favor of gun control; and that government intervention to protect the environment accomplished the opposite, Ruhle had had enough and turned to panelist Yamiche Alcindor for what she hoped was the last word.

"The president writes an op-ed in USA today, it is jam-packed with lies, but it then gets tweeted out 4 million times," she said, referring to Trump's column Wednesday that (among other things) accused the Democrats of being socialists who would turn the United States into Venezuela. "What do Democrats do about it?"

But before Alcindor could answer, a visibly annoyed Ruhle turned to Hayworth and said "you can shake you head all day long, I'll go through it with you line by line. It's packed with lies."

"I think it's clear from anybody who covered the president that the one thing that the president consistently does is that he consistently misleads people and at times lies," said Alcindor, who urged Democrats to "put Trump on the ballot in all 50 states and let the states decide whether or not they like the president's misleading information."

"Like if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor," piped up Hayworth.

"Guess what, that hurt Obama dramatically," shot back Ruhle. "That was devastating for him. He paid the price over and over."

"If you're going to start judging presidents by lies, you just lost everything," added panelist Christine Quinn.

"You can say the president fulfilled campaign promise after campaign promise," Ruhle said as Hayworth talked over her. "Those are great, but that doesn't change the fact that the man who lives in the White House lies. Every damn day."

But Hayworth really stepped in it when she insisted that Trump was working to "elevate all Americans," drawing a blistering response from Quinn, who was the first openly gay speaker on New York City Council.

"He's not elevating every American. He's trashing rights for the LGBTQ community, trying to ban transgender soldiers in the military," retorted an angry Quinn over Hayworth's denials. "Don't interrupt me when I'm talking about the LGBTQ community and our rights. He has attacked our community. So don't ever say again that he's trying to forward everyone's rights when communities like mine are under attack."

"Christine, I have a son who's gender-queer," Hayworth interjected, which only made Quinn angrier.

"Then you're a sham," shot back Quinn, who refused to look at Hayworth for the rest of the segment.

Watch the video below.