Alan Dershowitz urges DOJ to help White House prepare for Mueller’s ‘devastating attack’ on Trump
Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowtiz on NBC's 'Meet the Press' (screenshot)

Frequent Russia probe critic Alan Dershowitz on Tuesday told Fox News that he believed the White House needs to start preparing right now for what he believes will be a "devastating attack" on President Donald Trump's conduct in office.

While appearing on Fox, Dershowitz urged the Department of Justice to stall the public release of the Mueller report until the president's attorneys had had a chance to review it and write a detailed rebuttal.

"I've suggested that the president's team demand that, on the day the Mueller report is released, that their report is released so that the public gets a chance to see both reports," he said. "In other words, that when the Mueller report is produced to the Justice Department it has to be turned over to [Trump's] team."

Dershowitz went on to say that he did not believe Mueller's final report would be at all "fair" to the president, which was why he was urging Trump to get out ahead of it.

"Mueller is a smart guy," Dershowitz said. "He has very smart prosecutors. They've got to put together every bit of evidence and create a mosaic which points to the White House, the Oval Office, the president. If it's not responded to, it could be devastating."

Watch the video below.