Andrew Gillum predicts a victory: Florida will ‘unapologetically reject’ the politics of Trump and his ‘twin’ Ron DeSantis
Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum on MSNBC (screengrab)

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum predicted that voters in Florida would "unapologetically reject" the politics of Donald Trump during Tuesday's midterm election vote.

Gillum, who is campaigning to be the first black governor of the state of Florida, made the comments during a Thursday evening appearance on "All In with Chris Hayes."

Gillum said he had not watched Trump's Wednesday evening rally in Ft. Myers because he had been trick-or-treating with his three children.

"But I will tell you, the president has made this election all about him. The only benefit I have is that my opponent, Ron DeSantis, and the president seem to be twins at dividing, at stoking the politics of fear, and quite frankly I think they underestimate the people of the state of Florida," Gillum explained.

"We're going to resoundingly reject that kind of politics," he predicted. "In the same week that eleven families are burying loved ones in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we had bombs mailed into homes of prominent Democrats around the country, people have reached their limit with this kind of politics."

"I think they're going to unapologetically reject it on November 6th here in Florida," he continued.

Hayes asked Gillum about DeSantis voting to repeal ObamaCare yet telling voters that he supports protection for those with preexisting conditions.

"Well, my opponent fails the truth test," Gillum noted. "He voted over a dozen times to repeal the Affordable Care Act."

"Mr. DeSantis, quite frankly, has not demonstrated that he has much of a relationship with the truth, over the course of this campaign," he added.

Gillum pledged to work hard for the people of Florida.

"I promise to get up every single day to make their state a better place. I don't care who's on the other side, a president or a failed congressman, I'm always going to be team Florida," he promised. "If folks give me a chance to serve, they will see that exactly."