Anger erupts after drag king performs as Muddy Waters in blackface
A drag king performs as Muddy Waters in blackface/Screenshot

A Hawaiian drag king show went awry after a white performer donned blackface to depict bluesman Muddy Waters, reports Queerty.

The show was an anti-suicide youth fundraiser at Kauai Beach Resort and happened last Friday during a show called “A Show Fit for a Queen.”

A short video clip of "Muddy, The King of Memphis" performing to "Mannish Boy" surfaced online and organizers and participants said they cut it off after protests.

Event promoter Matt Sagum said he arrived late and had to go on stage himself before he could put a stop to it.

“I arrived 20 minutes late,” he writes. “When I got backstage I didn’t notice her at first. Once I got settled in, I looked up and saw... One of the other queens pulled me aside and was like ‘WTF is that?!’ To which I had no response other than ‘That is not going to fly’. By the time this conversation ended it was my turn to go on stage.”

“I finished my number and immediately went to the show organizer. I told her either Muddy goes or the rest of us are out of here. The organizer had her leave,” Sagum said.

None of the organizers have identified the performer.

Watch video of the disturbing performance below.