'Birther King' Jerome Corsi is now trying to hammer out a plea deal with Mueller: report
Jerome Corsi

Right conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, who for years was notorious for spreading false information about former President Barack Obama's birth certificate, is now reportedly trying to hammer out a plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller.

The Washington Post reports that Corsi and his legal team are back in negotiations with Mueller just one week after talks between the parties broke down completely -- and Corsi said publicly that he expected to be indicted within a matter of days.

The Post cautions, however, that "the deal is not yet complete and could still be derailed" by assorted hangups. According to the paper's sources, a plea deal with Mueller could involve Corsi admitting to committing a crime in exchange for leniency in his sentencing.

However, the fact that Mueller seems receptive to cutting a plea deal with Corsi indicates that he has some piece of information that could be useful to the investigation.