Black Virginia woman pelted with stack of Nazi propaganda while walking to lunch
Virginia woman Emily Crosby and the racist business cards she was hit with while working/Screenshot

A black Virginia woman was pelted with a stack of white nationalist business cards while out for a walk on her lunch break, WTKR reports.

Emily Crosby was walking in Chesapeake when she noticed something on the ground, bent to pick it up and heard someone shout at her from a car. She could not hear what they said, but saw that they had thrown white nationalist business cards bearing a swastika at her.

The cards read "no multi-racial society is a healthy society" and "if the White race is to survive, we must unite our people on the basis of common blood, organize them within a progressive social order, and inspire them within a common set of ideals."

Crosby was deeply disturbed by the racist attack on her as she was trying to go for her daily walk.

"People of color can’t even go for a walk down the street without fear of being harassed just because of our ethnicity?" she said. "The people that threw these at me have no idea what my race is and I’m sure they don’t care. My skin is different than theirs and that’s all they needed. They hurt my feelings more than I care to admit."