Border Patrol union president parrots conservative news site while insisting Obama also gassed migrant children
Border Patrol union president Brandon Judd. Image via screengrab.

A national security expert and former ranking Homeland Security official laid into the president of the Border Patrol union on Monday when he insisted that President Barack Obama also used tear gas against migrants at the US-Mexico border in the same way as Donald Trump.

"First and foremost the tear gas was not deployed at the children, the tear gas was deployed to disperse the crowd," Border Patrol union president Brandon Judd said during a CNN panel interview. "The children were being used as human shields so these grown males could stand behind them and throw rocks."

"Even if that's true, and I'm not saying it is, even if that's true and those women and children were being used in that way, would it be okay to tear gas them?" host Erin Burnett asked.

"Under the Obama policy, absolutely," Judd responded.

CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem also noted that neither the union nor its president furnished evidence to back up the claim that children were being used as "human shields" at the border.

Later in the segment, Judd brought up multiple times a 2013 skirmish between Border Patrol and migrants at the US-Mexico line where tear gas was deployed -- a story that had also been unearthed by the conservative Washington Examiner earlier in the day.

"Look at the Union-TribuneThe San Diego Union-Tribune," Judd insisted. A Union-Tribune article from 2013 that reported on the use of tear gas at crowds of migrants during the Obama administration was also referenced in the Examiner's Monday article titled "Obama admin used pepper spray on migrants at border in 2013."

The Union-Tribune noted in its November 2013 report on the use of pepper spray against migrants at the border that the crowd was roughly 100 people and there was no mention of children among them.

In late October, Judd suggested to Fox News that drug cartels should "pressure" migrants to not come to the United States while caravans of Latin Americans made their way to Mexico's northern border.

Watch below: