BUSTED: Documents indicate Trump's acting AG misled investigators about his work at sketchy patent firm
Matt Whitaker on CNN (screengrab)

Newly released documents indicate that acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker misled investigators at the Federal Trade Commission last year when they questioned him about his work at World Patent Marketing, a shady firm that was shut down by a federal court after its former customers accused it of being a scam.

According to Bloomberg, Whitaker told FTC investigators that he "never emailed or wrote to consumers" on behalf of World Patent Marketing while he served as a member of the company's advisory board.

However, it has been revealed that Whitaker in 2015 wrote a threatening letter to a disgruntled customer who had threatened to report the firm to the Better Business Bureau.

"I am assuming you understand there could be serious civil and criminal consequences for you if that is in fact what you and your 'group' are doing," Whitaker wrote to the customer.

Additionally, Bloomberg says that the newly released documents showed that FTC investigators were absolutely stunned when Whitaker rose through the Trump administration to become former Attorney General Jeff Sessions' chief of staff.

"You’re not going to believe this," wrote FTC investigator James Evans to a colleague at the time. "Matt Whitaker is now chief of staff to the Attorney General. Of the United States."

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