Newly-installed acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker lead a mysterious right-wing organization The Daily Beast reported Wednesday.

Whitaker worked as executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), which defended Attorney General Jeff Sessions for telling the United States Senate mistruths about meetings with Russians during confirmation hearings.

"The statement was blasted out to reporters by CRC Public Relations, a conservative group based in Alexandria, Virginia, which represented FACT and Whitaker throughout 2017, according to press releases," The Beast explained. "More recently, CRC faced scrutiny and criticism during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process for reportedly stoking media interest in a discredited conspiracy theory about Kavanaugh’s chief accuser."

FACT was an "organization which served primarily to level ethics complaints against Democrats."

"The organization’s funding is opaque: In 2014, it received $600,000 from a fund called DonorsTrust, whose donors are mostly anonymous, but for Charles Koch," The Beast noted.

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