CNN legal analyst mocks GOP after James Comey upends their subpoena demand: 'They don't want him to have a public platform'
CNN analyst Shan Wu. (Screenshot)

CNN legal analyst Shan Wu said that James Comey had pulled a “smart and savvy move” by insisting that any testimony he provides to Congress be public, rather than behind closed door as Republicans would prefer.

Asked by host Jim Sciutto if the former FBI director could force the GOP to accept his offer of public testimony, Wu hedged a bit.

“I don't think he can legally force it, Wu said. “But I think politically, he may be able to force it. It's a very smart and savvy move on him reflecting his skills in those areas.”

Wu noted that Comey is well aware that if he testified in private, Republicans could “selectively leak it and spin it the way they want.”

“If he's in public, they can't do that,” Wu said, laughing. “They don't want to give James Comey a public platform. That is not going to be a good thing for them.”

Watch the video below.