CNN's Abby Phillip fires back after Trump calls her Mueller question 'stupid' at unhinged press conference
CNN's Abby Phillip [Photo: screenshot from video]

CNN reporter Abby Phillip took the high road on Friday when she responded to President Trump after he called her out for asking what he called "a stupid question" about acting attorney general Matt Whitaker, saying the president had ignored most of her questions before blowing his top.

"I tried to ask him multiple questions during the gaggle. He ignored most of them," she said. "I did ask him one of what I think is the most pressing questions that a lot of people have about this Matt Whitaker appointment, which is 'what's the intention here, does the president want his new acting attorney general to rein in Robert Mueller?'"

Phillip said it was a fair question given the president's frequent public attacks on former attorney general Jeff Sessions, who had to recuse himself from overseeing the probe.

"I asked him, 'do you want him to rein in Mueller', he called it a stupid question," Phillip said, recalling the president's angry outburst. "It's the most important question here because there are a lot of really clear questions about whether Matt Whitaker ought to be doing that given what he said publicly in the past about Mueller."

Watch the video below.