CNN's Chris Cuomo calls BS on Scaramucci claim McGahn leaked stories to Times because he didn't get a farewell party
CNN's Chris Cuomo, Anthony Scaramucci -- CNN screencap

Former top aide to President Donald Trump, Anthony Scaramucci, claimed that all of the stories coming out about the White House are probably leaks from former counsel Don McGahn.

The first story was that the president wanted to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey. McGahn reportedly talked Trump out of it by saying that he would surely be impeached if he tried to do it. Another story was that Ivanka Trump was using a private email server to do official White House business because she allegedly didn't know the rules.

These stories all come from McGahn likely because he didn't get a farewell party, "The Mooch" told CNN's Chris Cuomo Tuesday.

The conversation began with questions about why the president is choosing money over human rights when it comes to Saudi Arabia. Scaramucci tried to cite the president's comments that some intelligence may and may not be true, but Cuomo refused to let him get away with it, calling it "demonstrably false."

"Now what's happening, you got guys that are leaking on the president. Hopefully --" Scaramucci said before Cuomo interrupted.

"Thank god somebody's telling the truth. I mean, who are we supposed to go with, Sarah Sanders?" Cuomo asked.

"You got these disloyal very -- " Scaramucci tried to cut in.

"Maybe they are loyal to the country," Cuomo retorted.

"I wholly and totally disagree with that, Chris," Scaramucci said. "I said it to Jake Tapper, the notion these people need to protect the country from the president is a bunch of nonsense."

The conversation then turned to the New York Times stories.

"Let me tell you something, I have been in situations with the president, so has other people inside the administration, he'll cough something, he'll say something and you're like, 'All right, he's just blowing off steam. Okay?' He wasn't -- he wasn't pushing to prosecute those people," Scaramucci claimed.

"Why did McGahn have to write that memo?" Cuomo asked.

"It smells to me like the leak came from McGahn," Scaramucci claimed. "For some reason, I think he's upset he didn't get a farewell party from the president --"

"Anthony, come on. This is the second time he had to write a memo to the president that we know about saying, 'Mr. President, please don't do this, back off, it's crazy, you'll get impeached. Don't do it,'" Cuomo recalled.

"He wasn't -- look, we all know that have worked for the president on the campaign, in the staff, when he's blowing off steam when he means something. This is some kind of retribution by McGahn to the president," Scaramucci said. "The president has obviously figured out that he wasn't 100 percent loyal to him."

"The Mooch" went on to say that only a few people knew about Ivanka's private email usage, alluding that it had to be McGahn leaking the story. He repeated over and over asking why someone would go after the president's daughter like that or try to hurt Trump's daughter.

Watch Cuomo put the hammer down on Scaramucci below: