Watch: CNN’s Chris Cuomo grills Roger Stone about his Russia contacts
Chris Cuomo and Roger Stone on CNN/Screenshot

Longtime President Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone attempted to defend himself in the latest unfolding of the Wikileaks scandal.

Earlier this week emails were leaked between Stone and Steve Bannon that allegedly showed that he had inside knowledge of WikiLeaks’ activity.

During a Friday interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo Stone said that emails and text were taken out of "context."

Even though Stone kept peddling the same phrase, Cuomo stopped him and asked for proof.

"If you believe you are being hurt by context why don't you offer up all the proof you have that shows that context gives you the benefit of doubt?" Cuomo said.

"I assure you, the federal investigators have all of my text messages, all of my e-mails, and all of my phone calls. The real question is how do they justify having them," Stone said.

Watch the interview below via CNN.