CNN's Jake Tapper doles out the harsh truth: 'It was a bad night for Trump and it's going to get worse'

As midterm results trickled in Tuesday night, it became clear that Democrats would take back the House in a stinging rebuke of President Donald Trump and his rhetoric and policies. Many of the candidates enthusiastically endorsed by Trump crashed Tuesday night.

Democratic control of the House means that for the next two years, President Trump will be the likely target of investigations into everything from his zero-tolerance immigration policy that resulted in families being separated at the border to the Russia probe to pressure to release his tax filings.

CNN's Jake Tapper put it bluntly.

"He didn't do anything. He lost ground," Tapper said. He pointed out that Democrats were far more energized than they were during the 2016 election. Tapper also noted that he gets that Trump has to take a victory lap for the optics, but there's no denying the reality on the ground.

"It was a bad night for president Trump and it’s about to get worse," he concluded.