CNN's Jeffrey Toobin reveals why he now believes Trump might not make it to 2020
Jeffrey Toobin on CNN- screenshot

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin revealed Thursday why now thinks Donald Trump may not make it to 2020.

"Today is the first day I thought Donald Trump might not finish his term in office," Toobin said in response to the shocking news dropped earlier in the day regarding the guilty plea of his former attorney Michael Cohen.

"Really?" an incredulous Anderson Cooper asked the analyst.

It's "enormous," Toobin said, that Cohen was reportedly in talks with representatives for Russian President Vladimir Putin to give the head of state the penthouse in the proposed Trump Tower Moscow -- a bombshell broken by BuzzFeed earlier in the day.

The analyst said it's "preposterous" that Trump and those in his corner claimed Cohen never discussed the negotiations for Trump Tower Moscow for six months.

Toobin went on to say it was equally unbelievable that Trump never spoke to his confidant Roger Stone about WikiLeaks even though the two were "obsessed" with the leak organization and spoke regularly to each other, as both have claimed.

All the scandals surrounding the president are equally "preposterous," Toobin said, and it leads him to wonder when Republicans will begin turning on Trump.

"It's certainly not now," he said, "but there may be a point where it's too much."

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