'There aren't enough white people': CNN's political analyst explains why Republicans are headed for total destruction
President Donald Trump (NATO photo)

During a panel discussion hosted by CNN's Anderson Cooper, anchor for "Inside Politics" John King said that the Republicans will soon be washed out as diversity increases in America.

"The demographics of this country are changing," CNN's Dana Bash said.

"The president squeezed an electoral victory, hats off to him. Most people didn't think it was possible. They told him he was going to lose. He squeezed a white coalition out of the toothpaste tube," King said.

King added, "He thinks he can do it again in 2020, maybe. You don't need to be a political analyst. If you can't win urban areas or African-Americans, you're losing college-educated women in the suburbs— there aren't enough white people to keep a national party alive."

"Can he get through one more presidential election? Maybe, just do the math. It's going to be impossible," he said.

Watch below via CNN.