CNN's Van Jones now worried about Trump following midterms: 'Acting more and more like an authoritarian strongman'
CNN's Van Jones discusses Trump's authoritarianism/Screenshot

CNN host Van Jones is a moderate who once seemed to believe President Donald Trump should be treated as any other president.

Following Trump's his first major speech to Congress, Jones famously seized on one powerful line, declaring that "in that moment," Trump became president.

But following the midterm elections in which Trump's party lost control of Congress, Jones is now troubled by the president's behavior.

"Trump is acting less and less like a traditional U.S. president or any leader of any Western democracy," he said. "He is acting more and more like an authoritarian strongman."

Jones then presented what he called "his evidence," which included Trump's reaction to close votes in Florida and Arizona, which the president has suggested are rigged. Jones said he is troubled by the attacks and by Trump's threats to send law enforcement to control the vote counting.

"Next step for authoritarians: You've got to crush or co-opt any center of power that's not under your control," Jones said.

Later in the show, Jones interviewed Jared Kushner. He introduced as "not an ambush" because "fireworks are easy."

Watch below.