An NAACP chapter in Arkansas has raised concerns after a bar awarded a man dressed as a Ku Klux Klan member "best costume."

Fort Smith, Arkansas' KFSM reported that the Lil' Dude Tavern defended the red KKK-robed man winning best costume because "the patrons voted."

Leo Good, the legal redress spokesperson for the Sebastian County chapter of the NAACP, said he knows the people who run the Lil Dude Tavern and although they are not racists, they shouldn't have allowed the costume to win.

"I happen to know the owner of Lil' Dude, the mom and her son," Good told KFSM. "The son is a very dear friend of mine, no way is he a hateful person. But, this is the clientele that Lil' Dudes are letting filter their place, and I totally disagree with that because the NACCP is not about hating folks."

A patron defended the man in the KKK robes winning best costume because she said it took "balls" to do so.

"He won the contest because of the big as* balls it took to wear that costume," the person wrote. "We had people of all races colors and creed [sic] down there that night who also knew the man in this costume who were shaking his hand and laughing about it because were all [sic] a family and tight knit family down here."

"Nobody wants slaves nobodys racist it was all fun and games till someone who wasnt even There wanted to share with the world to start drama [sic]," the person continued.