Conservative attorney explains why Trump is doomed in Acosta case: ‘We can’t have a president acting like dictators’

Bush v. Gore lawyer Ted Olson told CNN on Tuesday why he's leading their lawsuit against the Trump administration for stripping CNN reporter Jim Acosta's press credentials, saying that U.S. presidents must never be allowed to treat the free press in the same manner as a dictator would.

"If the White House has to have rules with respect to those press conference, it should adopt rules and let everybody know what those rules are," said Olson, who had no patience for the White House's shifting explanations for their decision.

"Why is Jim Acosta being picked out? Because the president has said again and again he does not like Acosta, he does not like Acosta's reporting," he added. "We can't have a president acting like dictators do all over the world to silence reporters that they don't like."

Olson said that the president was intent on shutting down Acosta and any other reporters "who say things or dig too deeply or expose the president."

"He cannot do that under the First Amendment," Olson concluded.

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