Conservative Max Boot slams Trump and Pompeo over Saudi excuses: 'They're making the world darker and more vicious'
Max Boot appears on CNN/Screenshot

Conservative commentator Max Boot appeared on CNN Saturday to discuss comments by President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo defending the decision to take no action against Saudi Arabia over the brutal assassination of a Washington Post journalist.

The segment opened with CNN anchor Ana Cabrera airing footage of Pompeo and Trump repeating the same lines.

"Clearly this is a message the administration has decided on: This is a dark and vicious world and that is to blame," she said.

"They're making the world darker and more vicious by absolving the Saudis of this terrible crowd, and they're engaging in moral equivalence, something Republicans used to castigate, this notion that how can you judge anybody because everybody's guilty of something."

Boot said that the Trump administration's excuses for the Saudis are unlike anything the United States has done before.

"This is not normal," Boot said. "This is not something we could or should accept."

Watch below.