Conservative SE Cupp: GOP in for 'rude awakening' if they think they can keep relying on older white men
Republican CNN anchor S.E. Cupp.

Conservative SE Cupp on Wednesday said that President Donald Trump's strategy of turning out older white voters in red states worked wonders in the 2018 Senate races -- but she warned the GOP that it could only get away with it for so long.

During a discussion of suburban women turning on Republicans in key swing districts, Cupp said that the GOP's loss of the House should show that there are hard limits to Trump's appeal.

"If Republicans think they could keep squeezing by on the backs of older white men, they are in for a rude awakening," she said. "Women came out in record numbers, women in suburbs came out in record numbers, women and minorities were elected in record numbers. So they're in for a rude awakening -- that awakening was not yesterday."

Cupp also warned, however, that Democrats have still not figured out how to counter Trump's ability to use fear to turn his voters out to the polls.

"Democrats have not figured out Trump," she said. "Trump's fear-mongering and fear-and-loathing message, which was abhorrent to people like me, was not abhorrent enough in places like Florida, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio. You know, in other words, big states for 2020."

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