Conservatives worry unprincipled Trump will cut deals with Democrats while ordering them around: report
Donald Trump appearing on "60 Minutes" (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump sees himself as a "dealmaker" and has no real ties to the conservative movement, worrying many Republicans that he could abandon them to work with House Democrats, the Washington Post reports.

“He has carried the ball as effectively as anybody for the right, but the reality is, there is not a deep philosophical bent there,” said Ed Rollins, who leads a pro-Trump super PAC. “He’s always been about getting what you can get.”

Traditional Republicans have always been wary of Trump, but "relished their influence inside the White House and Republican majorities in both congressional chambers."

They have taken to lavishing praise on the president, which puts them in a difficult position if they were to now criticize him.

"With Democrats having regained control of the House, a new reality in Washington could unwind those relationships. And just as easily as Trump embraced conservatives, he could choose to leave them behind," the report says.

What Trump is very good at is getting Republicans to fall in line, the story says, and he could use that power to keep them in line on issues where Republicans traditionally differ from him and force them to change their positions.