Daily Beast reporter obliterates Trump's 'cheap oil' claims: Saudi Arabia plans to cut production to drive up prices
Daily Beast's Kimberly Dozier/CNN screen shot

Daily Beast reporter Kimberly Dozier laid waste on Wednesday to President Donald Trump's early morning tweet thanking Saudi Arabia for bringing down the price of oil, saying that the opposite was true.

Responding to a question by CNN anchor Pamela Brown about whether oil prices would have gone up if Trump had taken a "tougher stance" after the Saudis essentially admitted to murdering Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Dozier said the two were unrelated.

"OPEC has recently called for a drop in oil production because of a looming glut on the market and a fear that oil prices were going to fall lower," Dozier said. "There are also links to the economy that a possible slow down in economic growth has been signaled by a drop in oil prices."

"These are things that have nothing to do with the US government's relationship with Saudi Arabia," she said. "What the White House fears is that things that are a hard ask, things like peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis, or managing the terrorist situation in Yemen, those are things that they need the Saudi government's support on."

Watch the video below.