Daily Beast reporter waves off Comey testimony as 'last gasp of GOP regime'
Jonathan Alter/MSNBC screen shot

Daily Beast reporter Jonathan Alter told MSNBC Friday he wasn’t really interested in what James Comes might say to the outgoing Republican congress that has subpoenaed him. The real story, he said, was who the incoming Democrats would be investigating first.

After anchor Katy Tur poked fun at President Trump’s tempestuous relationship with the former FBI director, Alter offered a shrug.

“This is all a much ado about nothing,” Alter said. “What we should be figuring out is what are the best angles for the Democrats to pursue starting two weeks from now.”

“We don't ever have to hear that name ‘Devin Nunes’ again,” Alter said, ridiculing the Republicans. “His power goes away entirely.”

“We’re going to be out of this whole thing of investigating e-mails, unless it’s Ivanka Trump's e-mail abuse,” he added. “This is like the last gasps of the old Republican order of Tea Party control of the House of Representatives.”

Watch the video below.