Democrat McGrath narrowly fails in House race in Kentucky district Trump won by 16 points: NBC
Amy McGrath and Rep. Andy Barr (R-TN) (Photos: Screen captures)

Democrat Amy McGrath has narrowly missed winning the Kentucky House seat that was seen as a bellwether in a district President Donald Trump won by 16 points, according to NBC Lexington.

McGrath made a name for herself in her introductory ad that talked about being a Marine fighter pilot and that she was told she couldn't fly in combat. The ad addresses her campaign to get her elected officials to speak to her about the issue, and that all of them essentially slammed the door in her face. She ran because she wanted representation that would at the very least listen to her and meet with her.

The district was heavily Republican and FiveThirtyEight gave McGrath just a 4 in 9 chance of beating Rep. Andy Barr (R-TN).

You can see the tweet below: