CNN Democratic analyst mocks Trump’s appointment of ‘clown’ Whitaker: ‘They’re not even good at being corrupt’

CNN's Paul Begala ridiculed President Trump's potentially unconstitutional appointment of Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general, calling the nominee a "clown" and saying the president "isn't even good at being corrupt."

"The pilot of the Mueller investigation should be Mr. Mueller and Rod Rosenstein," said Begala, responding to former New Jersey governor Chris Christie's statement that Whitaker was there to "land" special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe. "The notion that the president should decide when to land it, it's called 'obstruction of justice' because he's involved, to say the least."

Begala said Trump was completely ignorant of proper protocols.

"You go to the Office of Legal Counsel before you take the action, and you say, 'hey, boys and girls, you're the best lawyers we have in this government. Why don't you tell me if it's cool to put this clown from Iowa -- excuse me, this distinguished citizen -- in charge of the Justice Department,'" Begala said with a scornful laugh. "The fact that they don't even know basic traps is really appalling. They're not even good at being corrupt."

Watch the video below.