Donald Trump a 'victim' of 'embedded enemies' in White House claims forthcoming Corey Lewandowski book
President Donald Trump/Screenshot

A book by longtime Trump advisers Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie alleges that “embedded enemies of President Trump" inside the White House are working to "stymie his agenda and delegitimize his presidency," the Washington Post reports.

The allegations are made in Trump’s Enemies: How the Deep State Is Undermining the Presidency, which is set for release on Tuesday.

Lewandowski and Bossie "identify by name a number of Trump appointees who they claim have formed a 'resistance' inside the government," the Post reports and the authors "fashion themselves as his outside protectors," who stand up to his aides.

"They portray the president as victim to disloyalty on his staff and 'swamp creatures' intent on extinguishing his political movement."

The Post's reporter says inside the White House aides are worried about the book.

"Anticipation of the book — the latest memoir by Trump aides or allies — has caused consternation inside the president’s orbit, in part because the authors are controversial figures. Its release comes at a moment of transition for Trump, who is weighing a number of changes to his Cabinet and senior staff and is preparing for a realignment of power in Washington in January," the report says.

Trump gave an interview to the authors, which appears in the book.

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