‘Enough is enough’: Medgar Evers’ widow endorses Stacey Abrams — with a veiled blast at Trump
Civil rights leader Myrlie Evers-Williams on MSNBC (screengrab)

Civil rights legend Myrlie Evers-Williams thanked Stacey Abrams for risking her life to run for governor of Georgia during a powerful segment of MSNBC's "AM Joy" on Saturday.

Evers is a former chairperson of the NAACP. In 1963, her husband Medgar Evers was assassinated by a member of the White Citizens' Council when he was shot in the back in front of their home in Mississippi.

"Myrlie Evers worked tirelessly alongside her husband, Medgar Evers," anchor Joy Reid noted. "She continued the fight after his death and does to this very day."

"I can say without question that this election means everything to the United States of America, to all of the people who reside here, and certainly to people of color," Evers-Williams explained. "I'm absolutely delighted to be able to be on your show once again and to endorse fully -- completely -- Stacey Abrams to be the next governor."

"There is no higher honor than to have Myrlie Evers endorse my race for governor of Georgia," Abrams responded. "I want to say thank you to Mrs. Evers for all you've done, not only for Mississippi, but for all America."

"My heart is there, my soul is there, my prayers are there," Evers-Williams noted.

"Just know that," she continued. "And whatever I can do to help, whatever I can do to help America wake up and see where it's going, and to say, 'no more, no more.'"

"In the words of my grandmother, 'enough is enough,' and too much stinks," she declared. "And we have to do something about that stink and we can do that at the polls."

"Thank you for placing your life, your livelihood, and everything on the line," Evers-Williams added. "We're there for you."