Even Donald Trump mocks Fox News' Sean Hannity's slobbering devotion: report
Sean Hannity on Fox News/Screenshot

Fox News host Sean Hannity stirred up controversy by appearing at a Trump rally recently, raising questions about whether the network should so blatantly back President Donald Trump.

Hannity also often hosts the president on his show.

A new report in the Daily Beast reveals that even Trump mocks Hannity for asking softball questions.

Sources tell the Beast that Trump, who appears to thrive on validation, nevertheless has made fun of Hannity for the host's excessive sucking up.

“It’s like he’s not even trying,” Trump has said, one source told the Daily Beast, before Trump did a nasty impersonation of Hannity's gestures and voice.

He's also called Hannity's line of inquiry "dumb."

In fact, Trump, who often spars with reporters like CNN's Jim Acosta, appears bored by Hannity's unadulterated support.

“[Trump] does enjoy the back-and-forth with the press—look at this whole Jim Acosta thing,” Jeff Lord, a Trump ally, told the Beast. “The president can call on anybody he wants. He could have ignored Jim Acosta. He didn’t do it. And he didn’t do it because… they would have some chance to do some verbal jousting there.”

Fox News issued a statement calling Hannity's appearance at a Trump campaign event an "unfortunate distraction."