Ex-McCain adviser baffled GOP keeps pledging 'blind fealty' to Trump: 'They don't call us stupid for nothing'
Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Mark Salter, a longtime friend and adviser to the late Sen. John McCain, found himself baffled this week that his party's lawmakers were still stumbling over themselves to show their devotion to President Donald Trump, despite the fact that the president just cost them their House majority.

Writing on Twitter, Salter points to a new survey from Monmouth showing that just 36 percent of voters think Trump deserves to be reelected, whereas 59 percent say it's time for someone else.

Salter then expresses astonishment that the party is bending over backwards to make itself the "Party of Trump" at a time when he looks like an anchor around their necks.

"Meanwhile, the new minority caucus in the House will elect its leaders based on who pledges the blindest fealty to Donald Trump and flatters him most fulsomely," he writes. "They don't call us the stupid party for nothing."

Just because the poll numbers look bad for Trump doesn't mean that he is doomed to defeat in 2020, however.

In October 2010, a Gallup poll showed just 39 percent of voters believed that former President Barack Obama deserved a second term in office, while 54 percent said it was time for a new leader. Despite this, Obama went on to handily win reelection over Republican Mitt Romney two years later.