Exit poll results look very bad for Trump
President Donald Trump (AFP/File / Olivier Douliery)

Initial exit poll results are in and they are looking very bad for President Trump and his party. CNN's are here, MSNBC's are here.

First, two-thirds of voters say the election is about Donald Trump. Some, like Donald Trump, might be happy about that, but the exit polls also place Trump's approval rating at just 44%, and disapproval at 55%. Worse for Team Trump, 47% are expressing strong disapproval.

MSNBC on-air notes that 16 percent of voters are first time voters, and 61% of them are voting for Democrats.

What's worse for Trump and the GOP? Historically Democratic voting blocs, Hispanic and Black voters, make up a large portion of new voters:

What's important to voters? Ranked:

  1. Health care.
  2. Immigration.
  3. Economy.
  4. Guns.

"Nearly half of voters felt their financial situation is the same as it was two years ago. Just over a third said it was better, while a little less than 15% said it was worse," CNN reports.

45% of voters say the Trump tax cuts did not affect them.

More bad news for Trump: Extremist violence, which many blame him for, is an important consideration:

There's been pent-up frustration over Trump, which likely explains the historic midterm voting participation nationwide.

“I've been looking forward to this day for two years,” Ben Zylman, a 61-year-old from Kalamazoo, Michigan, told NBC News. An independent, he's voted for GOP candidates before. "I do believe it's a referendum on Trump and the GOP in general, as they've fallen in lockstep with him."

He voted for a Democrat to unseat his GOP Congressman.