'Faithless execution': Watch law professor detail how Trump violated the constitution with Matt Whitaker move
President Donald Trump (Screenshot)

Law Professor Jed Shugerman explained on MSNBC's "The Last Word" with Lawrence O'Donnell how President Donald Trump violated his oath of office by attempting to install Matt Whitaker as acting Attorney General of the United States.

Shugerman, a Ford University Law professor, has a PhD. in History from Yale, in addition to his JD from Yale Law. He is the co-author of "'Faithful Execution' and Article II," which will soon be published in the Harvard Law Review.

After explaining the statutory and constitutional problems with Trump's appointment, Shugerman explained how Trump himself may have violated the constitution with his actions.

"There's also a bigger picture constitutional problem, the president takes an oath to faithfully execute the office,"

Describing Trump's attempt to install Whitaker, Shugerman said, "that is faithless execution of the law."

"That language of faithful execution means that presidents need to act in good faith -- they need have public interest in mind and not their own interest in mind," he concluded.