When the FBI raided the home of a self-described "Nazi" arrested earlier this week on federal gun charges, they found a noose, body armor and hollow-point bullets.

NBC Washington reported that an FBI affidavit described what was found in the home of 30-year-old white nationalist Jeffrey Clark following his illegal firearm arrest in Washington, D.C.

Prosecutors said in a memo to the U.S. District Court in Washington that Clark possessed body "body armor, helmets, hollow-point ammunition, a Nazi flag and a drawing of an individual pointing a rifle at a male figure wearing a yarmulke."

Clark was arrested on November 9 after his family turned him in over concerns about the alt-right views possessed by him and his newly-deceased brother. He later admitted to law enforcement officials that he is a "white nationalist."

During an April 2017 rally organized by white nationalist Richard Spencer that was held outside the White House, the elder Clark denied that he was a fascist and instead said he identifies as a "Nazi."

Daryle Lamont Jenkins, the founder of the far right-tracking One People's Project, asked him if he thought of himself as a "fascist."

“No,” Jeffrey Clark responded.

“What do you consider yourself to be?” Lamont Jenkins asked.

“A Nazi,” Clark replied.

The Daily Beast noted that the FBI's affidavit claimed the younger Clark brother committed suicide around the same time that reports emerged that the "free speech" website Gab used by the alleged Pittsburgh synagogue gunman was cooperating with federal authorities.