Former Clinton aide predicts Trump will win a second term
President Donald Trump

On Tuesday, as record numbers of voters went to the polls—generating hope among Democrats that a blue wave might sweep Congress and several important governorships—Phillippe Reines, a former Clinton aide, predicted that Donald Trump would win a second term.

In an interview with the National Review highlighted in Politico, Reines said that he doesn't think a blue wave will succeed in knocking Trump out before he completes a second term.

“He is a freak of nature, and it doesn’t matter if he’s dumb or not. It doesn’t matter what I think. He is a bulldozer,” Reines said.

He cited a host of reasons to back his prediction, including that “moments in history like this tend to not get resolved.”

Reines pointed to historical precedent. "The only two presidents in the last 85 years that have been denied a second term: Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush. And both because they had, as a sign of trouble, they had serious primary challengers,” he continued.