Former deputy US attorney says after Wikileaks revelations, Stone connected to Trump 'within a 15 foot putt'
Roger Stone (Screen cap).

Former deputy US attorney and MSNBC legal analyst Harry Litman said Friday that the new revelations about charges facing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange suggest that if Roger Stone is indicted, special counsel Robert Mueller will be "within a 15-foot putt" of President Trump.

Asked what it would mean if Stone was indicted or decided to cooperate, Litman replied "I think it's huge," and added that Stone was "the biggest piece of the puzzle".

"We have several charges against people in Russia for hacking against Podesta, for mischief, possibly the Russia meeting. But it hasn't been tied up domestically," Litman said. "Stone, there's really good reason to think, knew about the WikiLeaks hacking in advance, touted and crowed about it." Litman also pointed out that the legendary political dirty trickster had been in "regular communication" with Trump throughout the 2016 presidential campaign.

"If Stone is actually charged it seems to me it puts Mueller within a 15-foot putt of the president himself," he said, adding that the special counsel's request for an "extremely short" continuance showed "that Mueller knows what move is afoot in the very near future."

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