Retired lieutenant colonel knocks 'coward' Trump for skipping Veterans events: ‘He didn’t want to get his bouffant hairdo wet’
President Donald Trump (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

Former Fox News analyst and retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters slammed President Donald Trump after he failed to attend multiple events honoring World War I during his trip to Europe.

"People have been agonizing about why didn't he go. Was it really about the weather? I think the short answer is he didn't feel like it. He wasn't in the mood. He didn't want to get his bouffant hairdo wet," Peters said.

He then slammed Trump for going in the first place and wasting taxpayers dollars.

He added, "Why did he use the taxpayers' money to go? Why did he bother? He didn't walk with the other world leaders and the French had the security wrapped tight. I think he's a coward too. Above all, he's an embarrassment to our nation with every breath he takes."

Peters ended by suggesting that the only person Trump appeared to get along with during the trip was Vladimir Putin, "surprise surprise."

Watch the full interview below via CNN.