Former Republican lays waste to the GOP for their 'dangerous' efforts to demonize Andrew Gillum

Former Florida Republican David Jolly roasted his former party for suggesting the FBI's investigation into corruption in Tallahassee rendered mayor Andrew Gillum unfit to serve as governor, when President Trump has been under investigation almost from day one.

Jolly said the president and the Republicans were engaged in a campaign of "demonization" and predicted it would be effective. But he also pointed out the sheer absurdity of the effort.

"We can't overlook the remarkable irony in the fact that Republicans in Florida are suggesting because the city of Tallahassee is subject to an FBI investigation somehow that disqualifies Mayor Gillum, yet the president is subject to one of the greatest FBI investigations we've seen in modern era, but he still remains qualified to lead a nation," Jolly said. "At the end of the day, what Republicans are doing is demonizing their opponents."

Jolly added that the tactic was more than just dishonest, it was flat-out dangerous.

"Particularly coming off the mail bomb story, the Tree of Life story, the continuation of demonizing political opponents is very dangerous territory," he said. "It's why people like me, now a former Republican, are looking to cast my vote elsewhere."

Watch the video below.