Fox legal analyst outlines how Democrats can expose Trump’s closely guarded secrets if they take the House
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

On Monday, Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano revealed how the Democrats can expose President Donald Trump's lies if they win back the House in the midterm election.

While interviewing with Fox News' Shep Smith, Napolitano said that the most powerful weapon against Trump that Democrats would gain is the "subpoena power."

"The analysts are predicting that the Democrats have a decent chance of taking back the House. If they do, they'll have the power to investigate and issue subpoenas. Where do you suspect they will begin?" Smith asked.

"We said they will begin with the president personally. They will begin with Justice Kavanaugh to determine whether he lied under oath at his confirmation hearings. And with respect to the president to determine why James Comey was fired. The most powerful weapon they have is the subpoena power. Which Democrats have not had since Donald Trump was president. Can they subpoena his tax returns? Yes, they can. Will they get them? Yes, they will. They can draw up conclusions," Napolitano said.

They then discussed how Democrats will draw parallels to Trump's team communication with Russians.

"Reportedly there have been 87 communications between members of [Trump's campaign team] and Russians. That will be up for grabs," Smith said.

"I would think it would. Paul Manafort who does not have a fifth amendment right any longer, he pleaded guilty, will be their star witness as will Rick Gates and the president's former lawyer Michael Cohen and Roger Stone," Napolitano said.

"We'll know soon enough. If not tomorrow night or the next day," Smith concluded.

Watch the video below via Fox News.