Fox News guest says California shooting victims should have charged gunman: 'Granted, someone may get shot'
Former New York Police Department Lieutenant Darrin Porcher appears on Fox News (Screen cap).

A Fox News guest on Thursday advised people who are caught up in mass shootings to charge at the gunmen attacking them, even though he admitted that this strategy might wind up getting them killed.

While discussing this morning's mass shooting at a California bar that left 12 people dead, former New York Police Department Lieutenant Darrin Porcher said that college students at the bar should have considered going after the man who was shooting at them.

"Anyone who's a patron in these types of establishments, there's two focuses," he began. "One I've heard: Run, hide and dial 911. That's one aspect, but there's another aspect where is [sic] you confront the shooter directly. And we've seen a lot of success with confronting the shooter directly, don't forget what happened with the 9/11 hijackers in Pennsylvania, for example."

Porcher did acknowledge that this strategy may have some downsides, however.

"Granted, someone may get shot, but the truth of the matter is this will decrease the carnage far greater than if you look to run, hide, and dial 911," he said.

Watch the video below.