Fox News guest says GOP candidates perform better where Trump stays away

Amy Walter, national editor of The Cook Political Report, confirmed for Fox News' Dana Perino that Trump is an anchor around the necks of many Republicans, as the candidates are running the strongest races are in districts the president hasn't visited.

Walter pointed out that a great number of candidates were still "significantly under 50%", and that as often as not the districts they represented strongly disapproved of Trump as well. She noted that the states Trump was visiting were important for control of the Senate, and less so the control of the House, which many believe will tip to the Democrats.

"Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, those are at least 17, 18 competitive house races where the top of the ticket, the Republican top of the ticket is really struggling," said Walter.

"Could it help some House Republicans that might be in tough races where Clinton may have won their district, does it help then if President Trump hasn't gone to their states to rally and campaign?" asked Perino.

"Yes," Walter replied flatly, adding that it highlighted the "disconnect" between the battles to control the Senate and the House.

Watch the video below.