Fox News host Shep Smith mocks 'confused' Trump for thanking Saudi Arabia for oil prices
Fox News host Shepard Smith. (Screenshot)

After making headlines Tuesday for his coverage of Donald Trump's statement on Saudi Arabia, Fox News host Shepard Smith again mocked the president for siding with the country.

"Speaking of Thanksgiving, President Trump today out with a new message for Saudi Arabia. Remember yesterday, it was 'we're standing with you, Saudi Arabia' even though the CIA has concluded your day-today ruler prince ordered the killing of an American journalist and columnist. Today the message is we thank you, thank you Saudi Arabia -- not for the murder and dismemberment but for the drop in oil prices," Smith said.

The Fox News host went on to suggest that Trump was "confused" about how oil prices worked.

"None of this is sitting well in D.C. Some lawmakers from both parties are slamming the president for his comments, accusing him of showing weakness and undermining the nation's values -- money over morals," Smith added.

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