Fox News legal analyst explains why Whitaker could himself be in Mueller’s crosshairs
Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano [Photo: Screenshot from video]

On Wednesday, Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano told Fox News host Shep Smith that the new acting attorney general Matt Whitaker could have gotten himself caught up in a legal battle.

President Donald Trump appointed Whitaker to his new position, moments after he fired former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"The president can fire an attorney general if for almost any reason. He cannot fire him if the purpose is to shake up the leadership of the Justice Department in order to interfere with a criminal investigation that the president wants to interfere with," Napolitano said.

He added, "If that's the reason for which Mr. Whitaker is now the acting Attorney General of the United States -- Mr. Whitaker himself could be in the crosshairs of Bob Mueller."

Watch the video below via Fox News.