Fox News' Sean Hannity 'defends' Michael Avenatti by comparing him to Kavanaugh and killer cops
Fox News' Sean Hannity. Image via screengrab.

Michael Avenatti gained an odd defender Thursday night when Fox News' Sean Hannity compared the domestic violence allegations against him to the multiple sexual assault claims made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

"We on this show are consistent: every American deserves due process," Hannity said during his opening monologue. "And every American deserves that presumption of innocence, even if you don't agree with them politically."

"Someone like Michael Avenatti: he deserves it, you deserve it, everybody deserves it," the host continued. "And guess what, Judge Kavanaugh deserved it and didn't get it."

After quickly bringing up the falsely-accused Duke lacrosse athletes, Hannity noted that Darren Wilson, the officer who killed unarmed black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, was never tried on murder charges.

"His career was ruined anyway," the host opined.

"Remember what happened in Baltimore, all those officers were 'guilty' of what happened with Freddie Grey — none of them convicted, he said. "How many times did the president at the time, Obama, rush to judgment?"

Watch below: