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Gay Trump supporter who said ‘We will take your little rights away and deport you and gas you’ now calls it ‘sarcasm’



One of the men propelled to infamy by a New York Times profile of a wealthy same-sex “power couple” who stopped supporting Hillary Clinton the night Donald Trump won is under fire for remarks he has allegedly made.

Bryan Eure, according to a report by Pink News, “allegedly posted anti-gay and anti-trans comments” on Instagram.

One of his comments allegedly states, “transgender is gross.”

Eure and his husband are now ardent Trump supporters, and plan to continue fundraising for the President.

They “will throw a $5 million fundraiser this winter for his 2020 re-election bid,” NewNowNext reports. “They bragged that they have the president’s son’s numbers on speed dial, and they are proud of their framed photos of themselves with Trump and other conservative notables.”

The statement about transgender people was apparently made in response to a remark from the verified account of Marti Gould Cummings, a drag queen whose bio says he “has promoted awareness for many LGBT charities including The Ali Forney Center, GMHC, The Hetrick Martin Institute, and Bailey House.”


Cummings says the comment has since been deleted but he posted a screenshot:

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Hey @euregram you can delete your reply but just to remind people that you posted it – here ya go

A post shared by martigcummings (@martigcummings) on


Eure wasn’t finished, however. In response to a different comment noting that there aren’t many gay Trump supporters, he allegedly wrote, “oh yes there are. And we will win and we will take your little rights away and deport you and gas you and turn you straight while you rot in a cage.”

Presumably, Eure’s remarks are related to the outrage on the left that the Trump administration’s Border Patrol agents shot tear gas and pepper spray across the Southern border into Mexico at migrants. Among those targeted were pregnant women and young children. The Trump administration has also been separating migrant children from their parents and locking them up in cages.

Eure does not deny he made the remarks, and told NCRM via Twitter his comments were “SARCASM.”
“I have had about 800 comments from gay people that said what am I going to do when Trump gasses you/kills you/locks you up/takes away your rights,” he added.

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Lawrence O’Donnell aired hard-hitting expose on Trump, Jr — and the president tweets ‘presidential harassment’



MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell on Tuesday broadcast a hard-hitting segment on Donald Trump, Jr. for defending his father against claims of rape -- despite the fact his own mom made similar allegations.

The host attempted to understand why Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Trump, Jr. are so obidient to Trump when they both used to despise him.

O'Donnell noted a tweet by Trump, Jr. on the latest allegations against his father.


Moments after the segment ended, the president tweeted.


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The special counsel had fought against testifying but was subpoenaed to compel his attendance.

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‘Finally #MuellerTime’: Internet celebrates Mueller’s upcoming public testimony on Russia investigation



On Tuesday, the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees announced that special counsel Robert Mueller will publicly testify about the Russia investigation's findings before Congress.

Quickly, the internet reacted to the news:

This will really matter, even if Mueller merely repeats what he said in his report. The vast majority of Americans have never read it. https://t.co/ZuRHqbRAEv

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