Georgia chair of Women for Trump gets dismantled after claiming voter suppression is a ‘manufactured controversy’

Julianne Thompson, Georgia chair of Women for Trump, told MSNBC on Friday that criticism of Secretary of State/ gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp's voter suppression efforts amount to a "manufactured controversy", a claim that was immediately dismantled by former Obama campaign strategist Tharon Johnson.

"I think this is a manufactured controversy," Thompson said, adding that when the Secretary of State's office was held by Democrats running for re-election, no one had complained. "It's completely and totally false." She also blamed the fact that African Americans voters were disproportionally affected on the Abrams campaign.

"Let's talk about what happened before we got to this point," Johnson interjected, noting that Kemp had purged 1.4 million voters from the rolls. He also noted sarcastically that Republican-passed laws restricting the right to vote "somehow disproportionately affect people of color."

"When you have 70% of the people are African-Americans on this exact match list, you can't help but think there was just some funny business going on," Johnson scoffed, saying you can't have a "21st century strategy where you register to vote online" and then purge names for hyphenation errors. "These are all some of the voter suppression tactics that have been used in this state that a lot of Democrats and Republicans have called out."

Watch the video below.