‘God will not bless America’: Texas pastor curses nation after 'Godless' Democrats win midterms
Pastor Ed Young, Sr./Screenshot

A Texas pastor is reacting with rage to the result of the midterm elections, in which Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives.

Following the election, Pastor Ed Young said the Democratic Party is “basically godless," in a rant about the results, reports the Forth Worth Star-Telegram.

The Democratic Party is "some kind of religion that is basically godless," Young reportedly said.

Young said all Democrats are evil.

"This is represented by every Democrat I know," he said. "God will not bless America or make us a great nation.”

The Star-Telegram said Young's comments were not unique.

"The leader of the Houston-based Texas Pastor Council, Republican anti-LGBT rights activist Dave Welch, wrote in a Friday commentary that Young is right — secular Democrats are a 'godless party' that embraces legal abortion and 'moral anarchy,'” the paper reports.

Bob Long, a pastor that leads prayers at the Texas Capitol, said that before the election he had a vision of a demonic attack by “supernatural evil.”

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