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GOP’s Darrell Issa concedes his district on Fox News before polls open: ‘We know the results already — there will be a Democrat’



Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is retiring from his district in suburban San Diego after 18 years.

The district, which Hillary Clinton won handily in the 2016 election, is now the subject of a fight between Republican Diane Harkey and Democrat Mike Levin.

But on Tuesday, Issa went on Fox News and conceded that the Democrat would win even before the polls opened. This despite the fact that his would-be Republican successor was still trying to rally voters.


“Quite frankly, we know the results already, there will be a Democrat representing La Jolla and Solana Beach for the first time in a number of years,” he said. “For now, California is leaning very hard to the left.”

Issa thinks that his seat will be the only one to go, despite the fact that the state has seven Republican-held seats in districts Clinton won.

“We’ve been outspent two-to-one, but there’s been enough money to get the message out there,” he said.

Watch below.

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American Airlines to cut 30% of management staff



American Airlines will cut 30 percent of its management and support staff in its latest belt-tightening move during the prolonged COVID-19 downturn, the company disclosed Thursday.

The big US carrier outlined a series of measures to reduce headcount throughout its operations in an email to staff that was released in a securities filing Thursday.

American currently has a team of 17,000 people in management and support, meaning the actions planned will cut about 5,100 jobs.

The move follows statements from United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and other carriers that have signaled deep job cuts due to sinking air travel demand from coronavirus shutdowns.

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‘They want their civil war’: Far-right ‘boogaloo’ militants have embedded themselves in the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis



Young, white men dressed in Hawaiian-style print shirts and body armor, and carrying high-powered rifles have been a notable feature at state capitols, lending an edgy and even sometimes insurrectionary tone to gatherings of conservatives angered by restrictions on businesses and church gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.

Just as many states are reopening their economies — and taking the wind out of the conservative protests — the boogaloo movement found a new galvanizing cause: the protests in Minneapolis against the police killing of George Floyd.

A new iteration of the militia movement, boogaloo was born out of internet forums for gun enthusiasts that repurposed the 1984 movie Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo as a code for a second civil war, and then modified it into phrases like “big luau” to create an insular community for those in on the joke, with Hawaiian-style shirts functioning as an in-real-life identifier. Boogaloo gained currency as an internet meme over the summer of 2019, when it was adopted by white supremacists in the accelerationist tendency. In January, the movement made the leap from the internet to the streets when a group boogaloo-ers showed up at the Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Va.

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Saint Paul police chief condemns tactics used on George Floyd: ‘We’re here to serve — not choke people!’



Saint Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell told CNN's Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow on Thursday that he's showing his officers footage from George Floyd's death as an example of how not to handle a suspect.

In particular, Axtell told the CNN hosts that all of the officers in his department said that the actions of the officers in Minneapolis to Floyd were completely unacceptable.

"Every police officer that I know that I interacted with yesterday in the city of Saint Paul, there was not one who felt that what they observed on that video in Minneapolis was in any way, shape, or form acceptable police behavior," he said. "It is disgusting, it is dehumanizing, it is something that absolutely has to stop."

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