Hackers caught executing wide-ranging attacks on US election systems ahead of midterms: DHS report
A person voting (left) and a hacker (right). Images via Shutterstock.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents indicate that hackers have been busy attacking U.S. election systems ahead of the midterms.

The Boston Globe recently reviewed DHS election threat reports which show that "hackers have targeted voter registration databases, election officials, and networks across the country, from counties in the Southwest to a city government in the Midwest."

According to the paper, the attacks range from bogus requests for voter registration forms to complex injections of malware into election systems.

The Globe found that more than 160 reports of suspected attacks on election systems have been logged by federal agencies since August 1st. In some cases, there have been more than 10 reported attacks per day.

In at least one case, Russian hackers apparently tried to hack voter registration databases in Vermont. The methods appear similar to the tactics used by Russians to attack the 2016 election. DHS is said to be investigating the incident.

Read the entire report here.