'What the hell is happening': Fox News viewers lose it after network shows more of Obama's Georgia rally than Trump's
Angry Trump fans converge on the press pen at a rally in Florida on Friday, Aug. 12 (Screen capture)

Fox News viewers were furious at their network of choice after they said more of President Barack Obama's rally in Georgia was shown than President Donald Trump's.

Fox News hasn't been showing many of the Trump rallies as he's taken to the states begging his supporters to vote for Republican candidates. It's unclear if the decision was made by the network as a rating decision since the president generally repeats the same talking points. However, when speaking to the press several weeks ago, Trump said he's "have to see about" the fact that Fox wasn't carrying his rallies live. It's still unknown what that meant or if the president reached out to the network, but they haven't changed their programming.

Whatever the reasons, Fox's viewers took to Twitter with their anger, demanding the network nix the Obama coverage and give them more of the man they love.

You can read some of the more irate Fox viewers below: